MetalX8 Part1 - HardSurface Mecha Modeling in Maya - Teaser

Romain chauliac vignette gumroad
Romain chauliac metal x8 001
Keyshot Render
Romain chauliac metal x8 003
Romain chauliac metal x8 002
Romain chauliac metalx8 003
Romain chauliac metalx8 004
Romain chauliac metalx8 001

This is the first Tutorial from a series that will establish the Metal-X8 Project based on a DIMA Chen's concept.
In this one I will show you my process to model the Armored Mech using HardSurface techniques in Maya during 17Hrs of video.

Here there no texture or render works. It's just the modeling part and presentation.

This Gumroad is also a support for my Livestream's content on Twitch.