Kitbash - Goblin Pack 01 - Hard Surface Models - Gumroad

This is the first pack from a serie named Goblin where I'll share with you my HardSurface Kitbash Models.
The specificity is that there the mesh (Subdv) with UVs Unfolds and each asset as his own textures (4K) and shaders already set!
So you just need to drag'n drop, build your concept and hit render!
I also include as Bonus more than 5 hours of video creation.

Of course everything here is base on my workflow already explain on my Gumroad Tutorial from Maya custom to modeling techniques and texturing process.

Romain chauliac goblin pack 01 full

Complete Goblin Pack 01

Romain chauliac presa01


Romain chauliac goblin pack describe

Goblin Pack 01 Describe