Fuze04 - Quixel and Arnold Workflow


This is the last Tutorial from a series that will establish the Project Fuze. The idea of Fuze is to show you all my CG workflow from modeling to final render making this Gun model from Johnson Ting Neo Japan Universe.

It's split into 4 parts. This one is about Texturing with Quixel 2.0 and Rendering using SolidAngle Arnold Render for Maya. Be careful that's it's not a Tutorial but more a Timelapse/Breakdown of my entire workflow over 20H in full 1x speed video where I show you my process to achieve the final image. So, to fully understand it's recommended that you already know the basics both on Quixel and Arnold. Here it's more an advance process, in which you could grab idea, tricks, workflow etc....

Romain chauliac fuze04 eng thumb b

Fuze04 - Trailer

Romain chauliac fuze06 gun 02
Romain chauliac fuze06 gun 01
Romain chauliac fuze06 grenade