Fuze 001 - Maya Modeling Workflow from Scratch

I finally start to make my Fuze Tutorial serie in English and this is the first part!


The idea of Fuze is to show you all my CG workflow from modeling to final render making this SF Gun model from Johnson Ting Neo Japan Universe.

It will be split into 6 parts. This first one is about custom Maya, well know our basics modeling tools, set shortcuts and little scripts, organisation... I start everything from scratch with you in order to share all my knowledge and let's you understand as much as possible my philosophy about modeling, especially for HardSurface stuffs.

This Tuto is recommended for a beginner/intermediate level in Maya. I don't explain basics like interface, navigation etc... but essential modeling tools such as Bevel, Extrude... and I explain in depth how they work, the differences between maya version, with other 3D packages etc...

Fuze01 - Trailer - English

Romain chauliac grenade clay wire

Grenade Model